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Intermountain Boiler has a wide variety of mobile boiler trailers, or loose boilers and auxiliary equipment. This enables us to serve our customers with short or long term boiler solutions ranging in size from 45 HP firetube boilers to 120,000 lb/hr watertube boilers. Whether the requirement is for a moderate-size hot-water boiler, a large-capacity 750 psi, 750° F superheat boiler, or almost anything in between, Intermountain Boiler has the knowledge, experience and equipment to fulfill all your boiler needs.

Trailer-Mounted Boiler Benefits:
Fast Integration - Our mobile boilers are mounted to highway-legal trailers and can be delivered to your location within a few hours of order placement. Flange-to-Flange Solutions - Our mobile boilers are designed to expedite the integration process. They are complete boiler rooms requiring only to connect utilities and electrical to be ready to operate. No Crane needed - We save you time and money with our mobile boilers by not having to pay for special handling to load your boiler. Fast, easy start-up - Because trailer-mounted boilers are self-contained, only a connection to an electrical power source, water and fuel supplies, and a steam header are required for operation.